Smart Report Maker

Smart Report Maker

Smart Report Maker is an easy to use yet powerful PHP MySQL report builder, it gives you the ability to build MySQL reports based on tables or queries

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Smart Chart Maker

Smart Report Maker

Smart Chart Maker is perhaps the easiest and most efficient solution for generating unlimited amount of dynamic charts that are fed directly from any MySQL database

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Smart Form Maker

Smart Report Maker

Have you been looking for the ideal solution for generating web forms for your MySQL database? Well, look no further as the PHP MySQL Form Maker is the best option to go for!

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Smart Pivot Table

Smart Report Maker

The easiest reporting tool for creating web based pivot table (cross tabulation) reports from your MySQL databases, without writing any code or conducting any database queries

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Let's Explore The Features

Smart Report Maker

Compiling and managing an unlimited number of MySQL reports just got easier. The solution lies in Smart Report Maker. Smart Report Maker lets you prepare reports (based on tables or queries) with a click of a button. Unlike other reporting tools smart report maker is very easy to use, you don’t need to write any code ; everything can be done visually with an easy to use wizard style interface. This MySQL reporting tool is designed to make the process easy for you.

Optimized Data Filtering Capabilities

Create multiple data filters and select data with enhanced control. Select the desired data to be included in your mysql report with incredible accuracy! Your “Filters” will depend on the “data type” of the filtered field. For example, if you want to filter a column containing text, you will find only textual filters, such as like, No like, begin with, etc..

Members Login

You can prevent unauthorized access to your generated reports. Simply by checking the "Password Protect Generated Report" option and then adding an Admin User name and password, unauthorized access is effectively prevented with our MySQL Report Maker. You can also allow your member's to access the generated reports using their stored log in information and credentials.

Mobile friendly reports

Our powerful yet, easy to use MySQL Report builder gives you the ability to quickly build all of the MySQL reports that you require. Additionally, Smart Report Maker’s Optimized version allows on-the-go access to your MySQL reports with no problem. Minimal effort is required to view reports directly from any Apple or Android smart device, allowing extreme expansion of your mobile capabilities.

Build MySQL reports instantly

Smart Report Maker is equipped with a user-friendly interface that allows the selection of only the tables and fields needed for your MySQL report. The MySQL report builder enables users to export report data as PDF, XML and CSV files, sort the data in ascending or descending order, as well as set multiple grouping levels, and define table relationships to build reports based on multiple tables.

Completely interactive report builder

View and save copies of your PHP reports in your web browser and, also save a copy of the report on your web server. With our MySQL Report builder, easily accessing generated reports for future reference is surprisingly easy with links that you can create as well as bookmarks. And that's not all...your report will automatically update itself whenever new records are added or deleted from your MYSQL database

Select your desired layout

With the use of Smart Report Maker 6.0, you can insure that the look of your Generated reports will always be sleek and professional. In fact, reports are fully customizable with “easy - to –navigate” software. It is now possible to select your desired layout and adjust it in any desired fashion, also making it capable to add header and footer information.

Smart Chart Maker

Smart Chart Maker is perhaps the easiest and most efficient solution to generating and managing an unlimited amount of dynamic charts that are fed directly from a MySQL database and situated around the tables and/or queries. All of the generated charts from the MySQL database can be published on any web page

Reliable Performance

Any and all users can navigate Smart Chart Maker. Its’ user-friendly design makes it completely dynamic on any web page that you integrate the generated charts onto. Essentially, each time the web page is refreshed, the chart data is refreshed as well, making it easy to use even to the inexperienced.

Extensive Chart Types

Smart Chart Maker allows you to create any and every chart imaginable, including line, bar, pie, and even multiple series charts at your convenience. Just choose which graph you would like to generate and simply add the necessary data. You can either use 3D charts or stay simple yet elegant with the 2D charts

Aggregation functions support

With Smart Chart Maker you can easily make use of the MySQL aggregation functions to control how data is displayed and used within you chart.Such functions include the likes of SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX and COUNT.

Very easy to use

Using Smart Chart Maker’s easy to use wizard style interface, users are granted the ability to choose only the tables and data required for your particular chart. You are also capable of defining table relationships, defining data filters and selecting chart types and styles. Only preferred data that you wish to include from the tables in your database will appear on each unique chart.

Advanced customization options

Smart Chart Maker is by far, the best chart generating software available. Create not only simple charts but, fully customized charts as well. You can change the look of your charts, use your preferred colors, text, labels and titles whenever you like. Your charts will seamlessly blend with your web site when using these highly advanced customization features

Create MySQL charts instantly

he good thing here is that you don't even really need knowledge of MySQL to do this as it's all there within the wizard style interface. You can also visually define table relationships through the wizard and even filter data how you would like it (i.e. greater than, less than and equal to).

Embed MySQL charts easily into your Web app

Embed chart in Blog or website by just copy & pasting HTML code.

Multiple series support

With this feature an arbitrary number of Y-axis can be added to the right end of the graph.

Completely dynamic

One of the key features of Smart Chart Maker is that it's completely dynamic on any webpage that you integrate the generated charts on to so this means that each time the page is refreshed, so is the chart data.

PHP MySQL Form Maker

Have you been looking for the ideal solution for generating web forms for your MySQL database? Well, look no further as the PHP MySQL Form Maker is the best option to go for!

No programming required!

The edge that this tool has over others is its easy user interface that is based on a wizard format. It is so easy to use that a person without a technical background will find that they are able to generate forms in a matter of minutes. It provides you with the selection flexibility to create a form to insert, update, delete or list records to give you a clean web interface.

Insert, Update, Delete records

Come up with forms to insert, edit, delete and update records from your MYSQL database . These actions can be done simultaneously, thus saving you the monotonous steps of keying in records one step at a time. Going into this particular phase in more detail, you could have the columns of your database rendered into a form element which go into their respective fields on data selections. Take a column with a date data type as an example;it would be changed into a calendar format using our form maker. In the same manner, an ENUM will be converted to that of a drop down list, and the list goes on.

Power Validation

Our PHP MySQL Form Maker even gives you the authority to enforce validation rules which are based on your column data type. For example, if you have a numerical field in your column, you can opt to enforce a rule among your users whereby the numerical value keyed in has to fall within a specific range in the text box. That range is provided by you, and in the case this protocol is not followed, the form will not be submitted successfully by the user. The Form Maker is equipped with an advanced range of validation techniques, giving you the control to set required fields as well as customize error message prompts.

Advanced Customization options

Should you have the need to add customized footers and headers, you can do so using our PHP MySQL Form Maker. You could even rename the form fields on your respective form, apart from customizing the theme and layout appearance. Record navigation is also relatively easy, and you will find that you can also create forms using different layouts, examples of which include Master Details, data sheet, columnar and justified forms.

Ajax-based functionality

One of the added features that provide us with a competitive edge is the fact that our PHP MySQL Form Maker enforces AJAX technology, which allows you to submit your form completely without having to refresh your page. Our clients find that this not only saves time, but also improves the performance of the website. We take pride in informing our customers that we do not charge them subscription fees monthly, so you just need to pay us once to use the PHP MySQL Form Maker permanently. It will run on your own server, and should you need assistance at any point of time, we also have an engaging team of support service to provide you with the help you need.

Creating subforms

Create Forms in Master / Detail layout (subforms) . This option allows you to create relationship . It's possible to analyze the details of a particular record in a simple, fast and with ease .The new version will help to complete projects quickly by creating instant master /details forms, thus saving a lot of time. Additionally you can access your forms directly from your mobile device with no additional effort. PHP MYSQL Form Maker now has an Optimized version for iPhone/iPod touch and Android devices, it makes your forms go mobile.

MySql Pivot Table

The easiest reporting tool for creating web based pivot table (cross tabulation) reports from your MySQL databases, without writing any code or conducting any database queries

Dynamic Headers

The headers of generated pivot table (cross tabulation) reports are dynamic, they will be auto generated from rows stored in a MySQL table, in other words, you will be converting rows to columns.

Create Quarterly, Monthly and Annual Reports

MySQL Pivot table processes the date information in your database records which enable you to create quarterly, monthly and annual reports which is a great feature if you are generating a sales report

Statistical Functions

Automatically perform Statistical functions such as sum, average, min, max, and count.

Export To Excel

if you need to convert your data into MS Excel spreadsheets, MySQL Pivot Table will simply and seamlessly export your pivot tables into MS Excel spreadsheets.

Change Your Pivot Table’s Style

With its user friendly interface and simple navigation, This MySQL pivoting tool allows you to easily change the style of the any created MySQL Pivot table report

Robust Security Enhancements

You can prevent unauthorized access to your generated MySQL pivot tables by enabling the "Is Protected" feature