Smart Report Maker

Smart Report Maker

Smart Report Maker is the best PHP MySQL Reporting tool for creating professional reports based on tables, views or SQL queries with an easy to use wizard style interface.

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Smart Chart Maker

Smart Report Maker

Smart Chart Maker is the most easy and efficient MySQL reporting tool for generating any type of graph that can be fed directly from any MySQL database. All with a few simple clicks!

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Smart Form Maker

Smart Report Maker

PHP MySQL Form maker is an easy solution for creating advanced PHP AJAX forms that the user can insert, update, delete, and list records from your MYSQL database.

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Smart Pivot Table

Smart Report Maker

Smart Pivot Table is by far the easiest MySQL reporting tool for creating web based pivot table (cross tabulation) reports from your MySQL databases with a few simple clicks and minimal effort.

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Let's Explore The Features

Smart Report Maker

Smart Report Maker is the best PHP report builder for MySQL. It allows the creation of PHP auto-update reports for any MySQL database. Unlike other MySQL report builders, there is no need to write any code whatsoever. Users design reports visually with an easy to use wizard specifically designed for speed.

Advanced data filtering capabilities

Smart Report maker supports advanced data filters that accurately select the desired data to be included in your reports. Supported data filters depend on the “data type” of the filtered column and you can combine multiple data filters for even more accurate selection.

Members log-in to your MYSQL reports

Prevent unauthorized access to generated reports by simply checking the "Password Protect Generated Report" option and then adding an admin user name and password. Additionally, allow members to access their generated reports using their stored log in information and credentials.

Mobile friendly reports

Our powerful yet, easy to use MySQL Report builder gives you the ability to quickly design all of the MySQL reports that you require and includes a mobile friendly version for access reports from any tablet, IPad, or mobile device.

Build MYSQL reports instantly!

Select the tables and columns needed for your report, sort data in ascending or descending order, set multiple grouping levels, define table relationships, and export report data as PDF, XML and CSV files using an easy to use wizard style interface.

Completely interactive MYSQL report builder

Generated reports will automatically update whenever you add new records or delete records from your MYSQL database. Smart report maker creates auto update reports for easy access for future reference, with links that you can create and bookmark.

Select your desired report layout

With Smart Report Maker 6.0, look of your generated reports will always be sleek and professional. Reports are fully customizable with a wide variety of layouts, style sheets, custom headers, and footers.

Smart Chart Maker

Create different types of graphs including as line, bar, pie, and scattered graphs fed directly from your MySQL database.

Very easy to use graph maker for MySQL

Smart Chart Maker’s wizard interface allows you to choose only the tables, columns, and data required for their particular graph. You can define table relationships, data filters, axis labels, legend style, graph type, scale, and more easily.

Extensive graph types

Create any graph imaginable! The user can create line graphs, grouped line graphs, bar graphs, horizontal bar graphs, pie graphs, scattered graphs and many more styles effortlessly. Additionally, 3D and 2D graphs are available.

Customization options

Create not only simple graphs but fully customized graphs as well. Use a variety of colors, titles, labels, background colors, text angles, fonts, borders, legend styles, padding, and margins to customize and personalize the look of your graphs!

Embed MYSQL graphs easily into any web page

You can easily embed the generated graphs into your Web pages, just by copying & pasting a few lines of HTML code.

Auto-Update MySQL graphs

Smart chart maker is completely dynamic on any web page that you integrate a generated graph onto. Essentially, each time the web page is refreshed, the graph is refreshed as well.

Multiple series support

Smart chart maker supports multiple data series. You will be able to specify a label, data source, and color for each data series.

PHP MySQL Form Maker

Users can easily create advanced PHP AJAX forms to manage the records of any MySQL database. PHP MySQL Form Maker supports advanced features such as subforms, advanced data validation mechanisms, multiple form types, advanced customization options, and more.

Many PHP form types

PHP MySQL Form maker has an easy to use wizard style interface that can be used to build advanced forms in a matter of few minutes. It provides you with the selection flexibility to create different types of dynamic forms such as editable grids (which can be used to process multiple records at once), columnar forms (the standard web form layout), master-details forms (subforms), mobile forms and justified forms.

Insert, Update, Delete records

Simultaneously create forms to insert, delete, and update records from any MYSQL database. Going into this particular phase in more detail, you could have the columns of your database rendered into a form element, which go into their respective fields on data selections. Take a column with a date data type as an example and you can change it into a calendar format using our form maker. In the same manner, you can convert an ENUM to that of a drop down list. Even more action options are available.

Power validation

Enforce validation rules with confidence. For example, if you have a numerical column in your database, you can enforce a validation rule that input values to this column have to fall within a specific numerical range. If this validation rule broken, the user will see a customized error message displayed.

Advanced customization options

PHP MySQL Form maker includes many customization options. Rename the form fields on a respective form, add custom headers and footers to forms, select form style and layout, add custom titles and messages, select the number of records per page, and more.

Ajax-based functionality

PHP MySQL Form Maker enforces AJAX technology that allows for the submission of forms without having to refresh the page. Our clients find that this not only saves time, but also improves form performance, one of the key features that provide us with a competitive edge.

Creating subforms

The new version lets users create forms in Master / Detail layout (subforms) and analyze the details of a particular record with ease. The new version will help to complete projects quickly by creating instant master/details forms, thus saving a lot of time. Additionally you can access your forms directly from your mobile device with no additional effort.

MySql Pivot Table

The fastest Mysql reporting tool for building web based pivot table (cross tabulation) reports from your MySQL databases.

Dynamic headers

The headers of generated pivot table (cross tabulation) reports are dynamic, they will be auto generated from rows stored in a MySQL table, in other words, the system converts rows to columns.

Create quarterly, monthly and annual reports

MySQL Pivot table processes date information in database records enabling the user to create quarterly, monthly, and annual reports. This is a great feature for generating analytic reports.

Statistical functions

Automatically perform Statistical functions such as sum, average, min, max, and count.

Export to MS Excel

if you need to convert your data into MS Excel spreadsheets, MySQL Pivot Table will simply export your pivot tables into MS Excel spreadsheets.

Change your pivot table’s style

With its user-friendly interface and simple navigation, MySQL pivoting tool allows you to easily change the style of any created Pivot table report.

Robust security enhancements

You can prevent unauthorized access to your generated MySQL pivot tables by enabling the "Is Protected" feature.