We are extremely excited and proud to present the latest version of Smart Form Maker . The new version employs several newly released PHP functions, which are designed to offer more robust, and stable security measures within the software. Additionally, Smart Form Maker 3.1 comes with many advanced features such as the following :

send email notifications from PHP forms
  Ability to send email notifications (Form To Email)

The new version of Smart Form Maker allows you to receive email notifications whenever someone inserts, searches, updates, or even deletes records using your form . The email message will include the submitted data.
Once the feature is enabled, you will have the ability to :

  • Add the email address to which the notifications should be sent.
  • Select what actions you want to be notified of when they occur. For example, you might want to receive email notification when someone inserts a new record through your form along with the inserted data.form to email


  Ability to change the style of the generated forms

Smart Form Maker 3.1 allows your users to change the style of the forms by selecting the desired styles from the styles menu

Change Form Style

Ability to search and sort records in the generated Forms

The search feature will be disabled if the selected form action is to insert new records only.

search in forms for mysql

  Ability to password protect generated forms

With Smart Form Maker, prevention of unauthorized access to your Forms is accomplished by checking the “Password Protect Generated Form” option and then adding a username and password for your form.