We are excited to announce the release of Smart Report Maker 7.0 , which comes with many new features and bug fixes.

Screen shot of a generated report

This is an over view of the most  important features included in Smart Report Maker 7.0 :



1-  Report templates  :
This new feature can be used for both editing an existing report (if this report is saved as a template)  and Creating multiple reports that will be essentially the same (or very similar) with a few changes. In this case if you save one report as a template, you will not need to go through all the exact same steps in creating the other reports
which will save you ton of time.


Report Templates


2-  Generate multi lingual reports :
You can select the language of your generated reports. Supported languages include:

Arabic Language   Arabic  Contributed by Karim Kamal
English Language   English  Edited by Smart Report Maker Team
French language   French  Edited by Smart Report Maker Team
German language German  Contributed by Natalia Banderas 
Spanish language   Spanish  Contributed by Carlos López


If you can’t find your language in the above list, you still can add it to Smart Report Maker, know how from this tutorial



3-  Report customization





4- Multiple cell types (to load images in your reports):
You can select the cells type for each  column in your report. Available types include “Standard Cell” , “Image Cell”, “Rating Star Cell” , “True False Cell”  , “Country Flag Cell” and “Link Cell”


If you want to include dynamic images on your report, know how from this tutorial

5- Conditional formatting :
This feature allows you to apply special formats to a field, and have that formatting change depending
on the value of the field. For example, you can have a certain field colored with a certain color only
when its value is greater than 100.


Conditional Formatting


6- Enhanced access rules :
Using this new version of smart report maker, you can easily determine who can access your generated reports.


Access rules



7- Enhanced report toolbar menu
The new version includes an enhanced report toolbar menu that can help your users do the following :

  • Print a single page of all pages of the report
  • Change the style of the report
  • Export the report data to pdf, CSV or XML
  • Change the report layout
  • Send the report by email


toolbar of smart report maker



8- Ability to display any single record in a detailed view . 



Detailed view



9- A new report type
Smart Report Maker 7.0 comes with an additional report type which is the “Horizontal List”

10- Better looking Reports

11- Fully compatible with PHP 7.0 

12- More stable and secure.