Easy to use  form generator for MySQL :

Smart Form Maker is a very easy to use tool for building  AJAX forms from scratch to manage the records of your MYSQL database with a few mouse clicks.   Smart Form Maker can be used for generating different types of  forms such as columnar forms, master-details forms (also known as sub-forms), editable grids (to process multiple records at once), mobile forms, and more.

Main Features of Smart Form Maker:

  • Easy to use wizard style interface.
  • Generate and manage unlimited number of dynamic forms from your MySQL database
  • Extensive form types:
    • Columnar forms (standard forms).
    • Editable grid (help you process multiple records at once).
    • justified forms.
    • Mobile forms.
    • Master details form(sub-forms). 

form generator for MySQL

  • The generated forms can be used to insert, update, search, navigate and delete records from your MySQL database
  • Ability to send email notifications form to email
  • Generate multi-style forms.
  • Security option to password protect any form
  •  validation rules based on your column data type.
  • Mobile friendly forms. 
  • Ajax based technology, which should let you  submit your form data without having to refresh your page.
  • Columns of your database will automatically be rendered into form elements , take a date column  as an example; it would be changed into a calendar format using our form maker. In the same manner, an ENUM will be rendered to a drop down list, and the list goes on
  • Advanced Customization options. 
  • Data filters. 
  • Option to give labels to your fields to make them friendly using aliases rather than their original SQL name which sometimes is not informative. 
  • Ability to handle foreign keys easily.
  • Generating editable grids to process multiple records from your MySQL database  at once.
  • Custom error messages.
  • Many themes to choose from.
  • Custom headers and footers.
  • A single license allows installing Smart Form Maker  in five domains!
  • No set up hassles.
  • Free Support!

System Requirements of Smart Form Maker  :

  • Any web server
  • PHP version 5 or higher
  • Any version of MySQL

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