The best report builder for MYSQL

Building and managing an unlimited number of reports just got easier. The solution lies in Smart Report Maker. Smart Report Maker is the best report generator for MYSQL. It gives you the ability to build dynamic reports based on tables, views or SQL queries. All with a few mouse clicks! Unlike other  report builders, smart report maker  is very easy to use, you don’t need to write any code  ; everything can be done visually with an easy to use wizard style interface.

Main Features of Smart Report Maker :

  • Build and manage unlimited number of reports from any MYSQL database.
  • Generate reports based on tables, Views or SQL quires.
  • Advanced data filters.
  • Mobile friendly version.
  • Advanced search options.
  • Ability to give labels to your fields to make them friendly using aliases rather than their original SQL name which sometimes is not informative.
  • Ability to password protect generated reports.
  • Members log in to allow your members to access the generated reports using their stored log in information and credentials.
  • Ability to define inner table relationships, to be able to build reports based on multiple tables.
  • Export report data as PDF, XML and CSV files.
  • Ability to save generated reports.
  • Multiple grouping levels.
  • Supporting aggregation functions such as sum, avg, min, etc.
  • Sort data in the report according to any column.
  • Ability to select your report layout.
  • Many report themes to choose from.
  • Auto complete query editor.
  • Custom headers and footers.
  • Printer friendly versions of your reports.
  • Record Navigation for long reports.
  • Ability to print a certain page  or all pages.
  • Ability to export a certain page or all pages.
  • A single license allows installing Smart Report Maker in five domains!
  • No set-up hassles.
  • Free Support!

System Requirements of Smart Report Maker :

  • Any web server
  • PHP version 5 or higher
  • Any version of MySQL

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