We are extremely exited and proud to present the latest version of Smart Report Maker, the best report builder for MYSQL , Here is an overview of what’s new in this release:

Better interface for the  wizard : 

MySQL data filters

 Version 6.0 includes an upgraded navigation menu that greatly simplifies navigating within Smart Report Maker. Additionally, many optional steps in the reporting wizard are grouped into tabs. This feature satisfies the demand of many clients who have called for an easier way to get around the software.

Ability to generate reports based on MySQL Views.

Creating reports based on SQL queries

A Better Log in System for your members!

The Member’s Log in feature enables you to allow your members (whose user names and passwords are stored in your database) to access any specific report(s), in Version 6.0 you can select the password hashing type which was used for encrypting the passwords of your members.


members login of report for mysql Maker


More Stable and Secure

Smart Report Maker Version 6.0 employs several newly released PHP functions which are designed to offer more robust and stable security measures within the software.


Suggest new features in the next version of Smart Report Maker

We believe in continuous improvement , so if you have an idea that you would like to see in the upcoming versions of Smart Report Maker, or would you like to suggest how an existing feature might be improved, please send it to us , so we can add it in our road map (if it isn’t already there)