The easiest graph generator for MySQL databases

Smart Chart Maker is  the easiest and most efficient reporting tool for generating and managing an unlimited amount of dynamic graphs that are fed directly from your MySQL database . This powerful reporting tool supports many advanced features such as  :
  • Easy to use wizard style interface.
  • Can be used to create and manage unlimited number of dynamic graphs from any MySQL database.
  • Extensive graph types :
    •  Bar graphs.
    • Line graphs.
    • Horizontal bar graphs.
    • Stacked bar graphs.
    • Horizontal stacked bar graphs.
    •  3D bar graphs.
    • Pie graphs.
    •  3d pie graphs
    •  Scattered graphs. 
Graph generator for MySQL
  • Custom legend that you can auto hide, drag and drop, disable and change its appearance. 
  • Ability to customize the graph appearance settings such as dimensions, back ground colors, text angle, borders, padding and font.
  • Ability to customize the axis parameters such as:
    • Division value
    • Minimum and maximum extent of each axis
    • Text angle
    •  Font and color
chart for mysql Maker
  • User defined text on the graph such as title , axis labels and units.
  • Bars can be filled with vertical or horizontal linear gradients of any two colors
  • Ability to customize size, color and stroke of data points in both line and scattered graphs.
  • Tool tips to ease reading the value on each bar,data point or section
  • Filling the area under the graph line with color or gradient
  • Slices of pie charts can be drawn clock wise or anti-clock wise, and can have a start angle. 
  • Advanced data filters
  • Ability to create graphs with  multiple series  
  • Ability to choose the tables and columns you require for your MySQL graphs
  • Ability to draw a best fit line through the data points of any scattered graph.
  • Detailed User Guide
  • Ability to publish the generated graphs for mysql in any web page.
  • A single license allows installing Smart Chart Maker in five domains!
  • No setup hassles
  • Free Support!

System Requirements of Smart Chart Maker :

  • Any web server
  • PHP version 5 or higher
  • Any version of MySQL

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